Angel Cards

Angel Cards

Last week, I asked my sister-in-law, Marisa, to do an angel card reading for me. For those of you who don’t know, angel cards are like tarot cards & she pulls cards intuitively from a deck that are representative of my life at the moment. She interprets them in the way she feels it is relative to your current situations.

She ended up pulling four cards for me….

#1 – Eight of Fire
Events moving at a fast pace. Delays are over. Many things happening at once.

If this card doesn’t resonate with my current situation, I’m not sure what would. Marisa told me that she feels that although all parts of my life are shifting quickly, this period will be a breakthrough or catalyst to level up. Because I was attracted to the red color on the card, she related it to my root chakra. The root chakra is your center of safety and grounding which explains why I’ve been craving so much time outdoors walking or with my feet in the sand/water/grass. With everything up in the air, I need to stay balanced.

#2 – Renewal
Review and evaluate. A favorable assessment of the facts. Time to move in a new direction.

The angel pictured on this card is the angel of life review – someone to help you make appropriate changes for your life. Marisa felt that this time will be a time of major transition for me. A time to grow, learn, and take action. A time to recognize what works and what holds me back in my life.

#3 – Eight of Air
An illusion of being trapped. A lack of self-confidence. Afraid to take action.

Again, this is a time for inner work and letting go of old fears. She recommended that I journal and work with a therapist to break free of some of my old mentalities that are holding me back. She recommended I pray for guidance during this time, because my angels (who are all around me, by the way) will help guide me to what needs the most change.

#4 – Solutions
Success that comes from objective compromise. Self-control and patience. Forgiving and healing energy.

The angel pictured on this card is the angel of memory. I felt this card brought everything full circle and is another indicator for the need of a balance point of view during this time. I hope to dig deep on this journey and find self-forgiveness and forgive others for things that I’ve been holding onto for years and years.

I really felt that these cards were validating for me as I begin this cancer journey. I know that the diagnosis serves a greater purpose for myself, but also for those closest to me.

If you’d like to have an angel card reading for yourself, reach out to Marisa on instagram @shopmaninimoon or check out her website here.


One thought on “Angel Cards

  1. Brianna – it’s not easy for any of us to face challenges in our lives. Doubts, fears and anxiety can consume us. But you dear are an amazing, strong, beautiful woman. I am praying for you, for your strength, courage and peace. I love you – Lauren K.


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