The Pilates Repertoire

Originally known as Contrology, the work of Joseph H. Pilates has progressively become a mainstream form of exercise since its development in the 1940s. With a foundation in gymnastics, boxing, and dance, the Pilates routine is designed for total body health and includes emphasis on breath work, core control, and uniform muscle development. Trust me, it’s not just a good stretch!

I completed my Pilates Mat Certification in August 2022, and I’m currently working toward further certification in the various Pilates apparatus (reformer, cadillac, chairs and barrells) through Pilates O Ka La in Honolulu.

Currently, I’m offering discounted rates on all private, duo/trio, and group lessons at Pilates O Ka La while I complete my apparatus certification. Click the link below to learn more and schedule your session with me!

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