Weekend Update

Weekend Update

I know it’s not the weekend yet, but I’m off tomorrow so I can do about 8 million scans (jk, kinda), so it’s my weekend!

This week has been rather uneventful, thank goodness! I did have a consultation with a genetic counselor on Monday and just received my “spit test” in the mail today. I should get that back in about three-ish weeks. This tiny little saliva sample may seem small in the scheme of things, but in reality, the results will have a significant impact on my treatment course so if everyone could just take a quick sec and pray that I’m BRCA negative, that would be much appreciated!

I also just received two HUGE boxes full of hormones and needles. I’m actually pretty sure my security guard was pissed that the boxes were taking up so much space in his tiny office…but he better just be glad he doesn’t have to get all emotional and hormonal next week!

The hormones are actually part of the egg retrieval process that should begin next week sometime. The process is 10 days of injections, and then egg retrieval two days later after my ovaries have produced approximately 20 beautiful future hapa baby eggs. I sincerely apologize in advance to everyone in case I can’t stop crying for no reason next week…

Tomorrow, I’ll have a CT scan and bone scan to make sure the cancer is only in my left boob and a baseline EKG/ECG to check my heart function before I start treatment.

I’ll have a chemo consultation next week to learn about what I may experience during my next 12 weeks of infusions. Tentatively, I’ll have my chemo port placed on May 29, unless bumped by my egg retrieval which depends completely on my (usually undependable) menstrual cycle.

As I said before, my life does not only revolve around cancer….
I’m still going to work every day, but for the past several months I’ve been relocated from our PT office to a “manpower” job that has me calling back patients with negative COVID results. I feel like this has been a cool role to play in this pandemic in that I get to give a lot of good news! I also get to work with some really fun nurses and fellow PTs.

Today, the Hawaii Air National Guard did a fly over for most of the major hospitals on the islands. Truly, the doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, PT/OT/SLPs, housekeepers (and the list goes on…) who have been tasked with caring for these patients on the front lines deserve all the praise in the world and this was an awesome way to pay respect to them!


Today, I also taught a Zoom Pilates session with a friend/coworker from my previous job. I enrolled in a Pilates teacher training in February and being able to complete that and do all of the mat work at home during these “quarantine” times has been a real life-saver!

Unfortunately, Justin and I had to cancel our 2nd anniversary trip to Yosemite and Sonoma in September which is a huge, huge bummer. My chemo won’t end until sometime around October so we figured we better just reschedule. So much for getting off the rock this year….
I guess I will just have to Pinterest plan my dream vacation in the meantime!

Yosemite Dreamin’

Hope you are all having a great week – take care of yourselves!


Yosemite photo credit: https://www.sunset.com/travel/california/yosemite-national-park

One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. Hi Bri and Justin, again thanks for doing this blog so we can follow your journey with you and to know where we need to tweak our prayers in a specific way when the need arises. First of all I think you should accidentally of course bump into your security guard and give him a little shot of compassion but not too much we don’t want to see him start crying every time he sees you or chanting I love you, Bri every time he sees you. Haha. We had the flyovers here as well, very cool huh. I’m glad you got your current job of calling people with good news. God knows how to take care of his sheep doesn’t he? Kudos to the folks you work for too. Yosemite will be great another time. On my bucket list is going there when the snow starts to melt and the waters on the river and falls cracks and breaks off. What a crazy beautiful sound to be part of. Hope you gave a great weekend. Love you.


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