Round 4

Round 4

I had my final round of adriamycin/cytoxan last Thursday! It feels good to be able to celebrate not only surviving, but thriving, the past eight weeks. This also means I’m currently a quarter of the way through my chemotherapy as well! If all goes as planned, I’ll start my next phase of chemo – paclitaxel and carboplatin – on August 6 and will complete the 12 weekly treatments on October 22.

In excellent news, these first four treatments have been extremely effective. I can no longer feel my tumor and my oncologist said, “It feels like normal breast tissue.” Still no lumps in lymph node areas so I am so very grateful for all of your prayers and all of this medicine working its wonders. I will have to finish out the next 12 treatments, and then I’ll be able to do scans again to see exactly where I’m at post-chemotherapy.

This time around I’m taking my time to recover a bit more than I usually do. My motivation is a little low with losing our sweet Grandma this past week, and the fact that Hurricane Douglas is coming our way doesn’t exactly make me want to go for a walk outside. Hellooooo….2020? I think we’ve all had enough now!

Overall, I’m doing ok. I took an excellent course about oncology rehab last weekend and I’ll share some of that with you here soon, but today, I’m going to keep watching The Good Place and HGTV. Love y’all & stay safe my Hawaii friends!


2 thoughts on “Round 4

  1. Thinking of you now and always. Your Grandma Emily will be forever in your heart. Continue being strong. Love you ❤️ Lauren K.


  2. Bri, you’re doing so good. I’m so proud of you! I love and appreciate your Blogs and pictures. I’m so sorry about your Grandma!

    I ❤️ You! 🙏


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