Round 11

Round 11

Just wanted to leave a quick update today – I completed my 7th paclitaxel/carboplatin infusion yesterday which is my 11th cycle of chemo overall. I can now officially count down on 1 hand the number of infusions I have left. My white counts continue to be iffy and were a bit low this week so two more GCSF injections it is! Fortunately, with reduction of the paclitaxel dose and adding milk thistle supplements, my liver counts are improving so I’m thankful for that!

Otherwise, all is well. Trying to get enough sleep and exercise to keep my immune system as strong as possible. I probably should write a whole post on sleep at some point here…stay tuned! Also, our governor finally announced that he’ll be lifting the transpacific travel quarantine beginning October 15, so that means my family can finally come down to visit without the hassle of having to quarantine for 2 weeks! Looking forward to seeing my mama ❤

Justin and I watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix last week. I highly recommend it and would love to discuss it with anyone who has thoughts on the good and bad effects of social media on the people in our society. It’s an important ethical discussion and may make you realize why there is so much division in our nation right now. Let me know what you think!

For those of you still exercising at home, here’s a link to a beginner/intermediate Pilates class that I taught last week for my sister. Justin bought me the cute rainbow tapestry in the background so I was inspired to create a routine around rainbows! Enjoy!

Hope all is well and everyone is staying healthy! Please continue to wear a mask to protect your kupuna (elderly) and those with health conditions that put them at high risk. We’re not out of the woods with COVID-19 yet so please be considerate of those around you!

Aloha ❤