Round 8

Round 8

Today is an exciting day! I have officially completed HALF of my chemo, and I’m celebrating every little victory as you know! Eight more treatments to go sounds a bit daunting, but I think I’m figuring out the taxol and have most of my side effects well-managed so hopefully I can breeze through it.

While I sat in my infusion today (a little loopy from my benadryl drip), I couldn’t help remembering my friend Dana crossing the finish line at her first 100-MILE ULTRA MARATHON in January. Really? What a badass! She told us that at her half way point they started singing “Living on a Prayer” which is appropriate for today too, but now that song is stuck in my head…

A true 80’s masterpiece….

The human body is capable of truly amazing things, and so I look to Dana for inspiration that my body can heal itself just as she pushed hers to those extreme limits.

In more good news, my oncologist is recommending only one Zarxio injection to boost my white blood cells this week since my counts have been a bit more stable. Wish me luck that it stays that way!

Hawaii just began another 2-week shelter-in-place order so… if you need me, I’ll be at home! Truthfully, this is a bad sign because it means our hospitals are full and will not be able to care for all of our state’s critical patients if the trend in COVID cases continues. Please say some extra prayers that quarantine brings our numbers down significantly and that our frontline healthcare providers (including my wonderful coworkers) stay safe & healthy!

I have a few educational posts lined up for the future, but I wanted to know what you all would like to learn about most this week:

Sending you all love this weekend! Stay healthy and practice gratitude ❤




Happy 4th of July, everyone! Justin and I snuck out of the house to our favorite swell little spot in Waikiki today (IYKYK…) for some brunch and music to celebrate. We’ve been trying to have days of “normalcy” where we plan something that would resemble a “pre-covid” date, and this has made all the difference since I’ve started chemo.

Of course, we have to be cautious, make sure my blood counts are good, wear our masks, and avoid heavy crowds, but going out lightens the mood and keeps us in good spirits despite the many other responsibilities we both have right now.

Generally, I’ve been feeling really well this week and was even able to go into work for one day! A very big step (even if I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day)!

I’ve been trying to focus as much as possible on my mindset, beliefs, and visualizations (read: goals) surrounding my treatment and the cancer in general. I’ve been doing a lot of meditation and EFT tapping and have been very specific about the thoughts and words I use to describe my treatment and also my outcomes. The mind is a very powerful tool, y’all!

Today, even though there will be no official fireworks shows or parades, it feels more important than ever to celebrate every freedom and privilege we have after all of the ups and downs of COVID and cancer and life in general for the past few months…

I know that Independence Day has been a touchy subject this year and that a lot of people are feeling very mixed emotions about patriotism and our country’s politics as a whole right now. I will not downplay the very real pain that BIPOC and LGBTQ populations are feeling now. I do, however, want to reflect on some of the reasons I am grateful to be an American:

I am thankful to live in a country that allows me to speak my opinions freely and to use my voice to stand up for myself, women, and minorities.

I am thankful to live in a country where I can vote in my leaders, support them when they’re doing well, and challenge them when they are failing.

I am thankful to live in a country where I can have friends and family of any race, gender preference, religion, social status, or otherwise. I love you all!

I am thankful to live in a nation where we fight for equality, no matter how much work there is left to do.

It is not lost on me that everything I mentioned above may not be available to me had I been born elsewhere. These things we take as “fundamental rights” are not ever guaranteed, and I am so grateful to see the people I love around me speaking up to protect these rights and freedoms for all of the people in this country. May we all just try to love and understand each other ❤

I hope you all have an incredible weekend celebrating your freedoms! Please, wear your mask, & celebrate responsibly!