House Arrest

House Arrest

On Monday, I had a chemo follow up which was just to check in on blood work and how I’ve been feeling overall since my first AC treatment. In reality, I’ve been feeling well and only had a few issues in the first 3 days after chemo with some nausea and fatigue which I expected and did manage pretty well. Hydration is key, my friends.

What I did not expect was that my white blood counts came back “critically low” because otherwise I’d been feeling almost back to normal. It sounds like my counts weren’t able to come back up after my udenyca shot last week as they should have, maybe because we chose to administer a lower dose. I’ve been advised to stay home so I don’t catch any bugs (or God forbid, COVID), and my oncologist put me on a short course of preventative antibiotics just in case.

A quick note on COVID – cases are rising everywhere as we ease up on social distancing guidelines. PLEASE, please, please wear your masks. It’s a quick selfless way to take care of your neighbor, friends, and families. My anxiety is sky high with my immune system running so low, so do it for me or for anyone else you know with a compromised immune system!

Since I’m home, I filmed a little Pilates video for those of you who are also at home and might need a quick workout! Bear with me – I’m still working on a few things too (like video editing….how do I remove the background noise?!). But I hope this gets you moving and connecting with your body today!


Hoping Justin & I can sneak out for a little drive around the island or walk later this afternoon. I’m scheduled for my next chemo on Thursday next week – please say a few prayers that my white counts have come up by then so there is no delay ❤


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