Round 2

Round 2

Just got home from #2 of 4 AC treatments – that’s halfway done with the red devil! I’m so thankful to have had a relatively easy go of it with my first round and hoping this time goes smoothly as well.

Because my white blood cell counts tanked so hard last time, my oncologist decided to reduce my dose by 10% today. We’ll also do the normal dose of my udenyca injection tomorrow to boost those little WBCs right back up.

I was laughing at myself as I left the house today – it’s the first day in over a week that I’ve been in the car and definitely the first time I’ve worn makeup in like 2 weeks…what can I say? Quarantine life suits me!

Completed Round 2 – Cheeeehooo!

I thought I’d talk a little bit about what I like to have on hand at home during chemo recovery for those of you who are also going through it or know someone who is. It’s really important to stay hydrated, eat enough calories, and manage side effects as best I can. Like Beverly Zavaleta said in her book, Braving Chemo, “You will not get a trophy at the finish line for having endured the worst of the side effects!”

  • Water! I make infused water or green tea, too. You can add a sugar-free flavoring if water tastes bad. I pretty much just continuously refill my 32 oz. water cup throughout the day so I can help my liver & kidneys detox the chemo meds.
  • Liquid IV – this is a super delicious electrolyte mix that you just add to water. Water alone isn’t always enough to replenish your body, so I usually have one of these drinks per day for at least 3-4 days after chemo.
  • Easy to make meals like soup or leftovers. BUT, be careful with leftovers! Be sure they’ve been refrigerated no more than 2-3 days and that they are reheated well to avoid any stomach upset or catching a foodborne illness!
  • Ginger ale, ginger candies, or ginger tea to help tone down any nausea.
  • Guided meditations or time set aside for meditation/prayer to help ease anxiety. I like the Calm app and am just about to start a free 21-day Deepak Chopra meditation series (they occasionally offer new 21-day courses, but they do have their older ones available for purchase as well). Check it out here.
  • Pilates/yoga mat – I always set aside time to move my body in some way. It helps my mind relax and helps to detox the chemo as well. Usually, for the first several days exercise looks like some light stretches on my mat or going for a short walk in the evening. HIGHLY recommend!
  • Entertainment – Netflix, books, journal, coloring book – whatever floats your boat! You’ll have a lot of time to kill.
  • All of my usual prescription medications and supplements – chemo now is made SO much easier with these medications (thanks, Zofran)!

My coworker gave me the Braving Chemo book after I was first diagnosed, and I would definitely consider it a great gift for anyone who’s going through chemo. Beverly Zavaleta is a physician who also went through breast cancer and has excellent tips to prepare for chemotherapy. It’s a super easy read and a quick reference guide for any side effects that may pop up.

Proof I got dressed today!

Hope you all are having a great week! Wear your masks!


2 thoughts on “Round 2

  1. Bri… you go girl!! You continue to amaze me. You are definitely an inspiration to anyone who reads your blogs! Thanks for the palates video, I think I’ll give it a try! You’re a wealth of information and thank you for sharing and being so caring for others. Keep up your positive attitude. I know you will!! Love you!

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  2. Oh Bri, you are too funny but ya no makeup is so easy although I’ve done that for forever myself but you are definitely not alone enjoying that. You look so darn cute and glad you proofed to us you got dressed today. Haha. Sure enjoy your blogs. Love you!


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