Tips for Chemo-Induced Hair Loss

Tips for Chemo-Induced Hair Loss

So far things are going pretty well after my 2nd AC treatment last week. I caught up on plenty of sleep, forced fluids and attempted some short walks. I feel better today and according to my lab work, my white count is looking good this time around!

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been working on my mindset around everything cancer, and as positive as I may come off on here, I forget to share that there are very real moments of anxiety and sadness that come with a cancer diagnosis. It’s important to me that I don’t put on a false front that “even though I have cancer, I’m totally fine.”

Yeah. There have been a few breakdowns here and there, especially this past week when my hair started falling out in big clumps in the shower. That’ll make a girl cry for sure. I have always been one to try different cuts and colors in my hair, but going bald wasn’t exactly on my list of things to try in my 30’s.

All jokes aside, it was a pretty emotional experience so I asked my husband if he’d shave it for me. Mind you, this is his first time using clippers and he nailed it! Taking control of the situation really helped ease my mind. Also, phone calls with your bestie and making inappropriate jokes really helps!

Here’s a few tips I’ve learned for chemo-induced hair loss:

  • Wash with baby shampoo for several weeks before hair falls out. My oncology APRN recommended this and I think it’s helped to reduce scalp sensitivity with the hair falling out.
  • Cut your hair in stages if you don’t feel comfortable shaving it right off the bat. I ended up loving my short pixie cut and it gave me an idea of what styles I can try as my hair grows back out!
  • Use coconut oil or lotion to moisturize the scalp after shaving and give yourself a little scalp massage to relax while you’re there!
  • Play around with fun head wraps, hats, and wigs OR just rock the bald look and show off your cancer warrior status. I just ordered some super cute, high quality head wraps from The Wrap Life and highly recommend (Click the link for $5 off your first wrap)!
  • Unofficial advice: Google pics of “bald female celebrities” and know you can rock that look too!

One more reminder as I wrap up today – It’s time to #FeelItOnTheFirst! Do your monthly self breast exam – it takes about 5 minutes and could be the most important thing you do all week! If you’re not sure what to look for or how to do one, check out my earlier post here!

Sending lots of aloha to you all today!


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